Bali – a unique destination; tropical paradise, colorful tradition and the nature of the Balinese with their magical ability to enhance on what mother-nature has given them brings the island to the remarkable reputation as one of the best tourist destinations.


Spending time in Bali is just more than a holiday. A carefree tropical interlude; a discovery of your mind, body and soul. There are countless things to do for your excitement in Bali’s magnificent landscape between the mountain and the sea. Foaming rivers with rapids to shoot, lush and green rain forest and tiered rice field to wander at. Or just soak up the sun on the beach. Be it for the exciting Bali tours and activities or discovering the island trough customized Bali tour packages. All will leave a memorable experience that linger in the heart.

Bali TravelTrips works with the best on the island. Provides the best wide range selection of Bali tours and activities as well as Bali package tours which can be innovatively tailor-made from affordable up to luxury arrangement.

Explore Bali in its best exciting tour activities, customized Bali tour packages and get inspired in its tropical splendid.


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