Rural villages in Bali provides you the most exotic areas to explore. You will enjoy fascinating interiors, tiered and green rice terraces, deep valleys, rain forest and hidden countryside. Don’t just visited but live it!. Rural charm of Bali tour will bring you to meet the local people, cycling, trekking and Balinese cooking lesson.

Rural Charms of Bali tour provide you an ultimate experience of the authentic side of Bali.  Your will experience daily life of the Balinese in their village as they still strongly hold their tradition and belief. You will also have time to learn their unique culture and tradition in they strongly hold up to now. Hence, the rural charm of Bali tour will also let you sharing different perspectives, find inspirations, breaking down stereotype as well as building bridges. It is no wonder everything your can find there for your fun and unforgettable experience.

The local villagers in their traditional costumes first of all will meet and greet you as soon as you arrived at their village. And then they will explain you about their house compound that has a very unique architect, concept and full of philosophies. The lay out of the house compounds follows the human body; the head, the body and the feet. You will see some women are preparing their simple daily offerings and some are cooking in their traditional kitchen.  They will also give you a brief explanation about traditional Balinese cooking. The ingredients mostly taken from their garden; turmeric, chili, ginger, and various fresh vegetables.

In addition they will also take you on a tour around the village; to visit primary school and then you will do a short trek to their rice field. You will meet the farmers there and learn about traditional rice farming from them such as plowing the rice fields, transplanting and about the unique irrigation system they have in Bali called Subak. After enjoying your fun activities, we will go back to the house compound and your delicious Balinese lunch is ready to serve.

Other option of activities that also you can chose for your village tour in Bali if you would like to explore the rural villages in different style. If you are active and fit you can chose; cycling or trekking to explore the beautiful landscape of the village. You will see beautiful terraced rice fields and with lot of stops to take photo  and enjoy such a beautiful nature. Or if you are interested in cooking, join their Balinese cooking class to learn and try their authentic recipe; grind and mix the abundant herbs. To make the Balinese cooking more interesting they usually combined with visiting local market to buy fresh vegetables, herbs and etc for your cooking.

Weather you can do it in a half day tour or even can be packaged in overnight tour to stay at their home stay it always give you a wealth of unforgettably memory and experience to bring home.

Hence, contact or consult with us for your preferred itinerary.

Consequently Rural Charm of Bali Tour inclusive;

  • Return transfers
  • Welcome drink
  • Chose one of the activities; Village tour + visiting local school + rice farming, Cycling or Balinese cooking lesson.
  • Balinese Rijstaffel Lunch
  • Coffee and tea
  • Contribution to the village


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