Ubud is the window of Bali for Bali culture highlight when you spend holiday in Bali. It tells you about Bali’s art and culture. Many famous artisans reside in Ubud and give a strong influence to the art and culture of Bali. Ubud now days become the heart of Bali’s art and culture. People in Ubud still strongly hold their culture and tradition from generation to generation. Beside that Ubud also tells you about the life style; home for good restaurants, shops, yoga, traditional spa and well being treatment. One thing that the tourist noted is that Ubud welcomes people in any budget.

Located in the middle of the island Ubud has beautiful landscape with rivers, rain forest, valleys and sculptured terraced rice field. The inward area is more lush and green provide beautiful scenery of nature and countryside. You will take you about one and half hour drive from main tourist resort in the south Bali. After you pass busy Denpasar you will drive through beautiful villages that will impress you with Bali culture highlight.

The center of Ubud marked by Ubud palace and the art market which are close to each other becomes the start point to explore Ubud. Forget about the shops and restaurants along the street for awhile as you may keep it for last. Other places of interest worth to explore are the Museums of Arts and the Monkey Forest. Ubud provides you a brief of orientation about Bali culture highlight. And don’t miss the spectacular traditional performance on every evening at the Ubud palace. The best classical dance performance you will see during your holiday in Bali.

You can do simple itinerary on art and culture tour where you may first stop at Batuan Village. After that you may visit a traditional Balinese compound which has a unique concept as a human body. The head is the holiest area, the body is sleeping quarter area and the foot is less holy area. Visit its beautiful village temple before leaving the village. Then you may visit a maestro on his workshop to learn how the arts play an important role in Balinese daily life. Pick up your own choice of restaurants for your lunch to complete your day in Ubud.

Should you are actives and energetic you may combine the tour to some options of activities available in Ubud area. From hiking, cycling and elephant ride up to the more challenging activities; rafting and quad bikes. Or treat and refresh your body in traditional spa treatments or yoga after shopping would also make a memorable experience.


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