Spending Holiday in Bali

July, August and September is considered as high seasons for the vacation in Bali. Those period still in the middle of the dry season with about 32 degrees C in day time and drop a little bit up to 29 degree C during the night time. Temperature is pretty much affected by the weather in Australia, temperature mostly mild and a bit of windy. It is considered to be the best period to visit Bali. While in the tourism industry in Bali this period also called holiday season because of the school holiday and many parents are considering their vacation with family to Bali.

Spending holiday in Bali is a tropical interlude. From cultural tours, activities base on land, river and the sea all are ready to be explored for the enjoyment of your holiday in Bali. Bali TravelTrips provides extensive choices of tours and activities to maximize your fun and enjoyment in this tropical paradise; sailing cruise, white water rafting, dolphin watching cruise, sun rise trekking, cooking lesson, art and culture tour and Bali round trip exploring the beauty of each part of Bali’s countryside and meet the local people in their daily works and even stay overnight with them.

While the rate of the hotels and also the airlines are increased from the normal rate during this period, what should another thing that also very important to consider is the budget for what to do during the spending the holiday in Bali. We can innovatively create Bali tour packages base on the interest and budget of what to do either for couple as well as for the family. And be it for the tour and activity package and also customized round trip in Bali as well as overland trip to Java and other destination around Indonesian archipelago including accommodations, tour guide as well as driver and transportation. This will be our aim at providing the best help to the customers to consider their holiday in Bali as well as to some destination in Indonesia that we cover.

Feel free to contact and consult with us for your suitable Bali tour package or travelling around to explore more about Bali and also within your budget. Get special discount and competitive rates if you book minimum three tours with us. And also if you book any of our Bali round trip packages for travelling date from October 2017 – 31 March, 2018; the best season for doing the Bali round trip tour or combination with Java, Lombok or even to Flores.  Explore the beauty and wonder of Bali and beyond. Note: the period excluding 20 December 2017 – 15 January, 2018.

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